Embody Grace - Yogi Goddess is Living Her Yes

There is only one skincare line which I can’t live without! Eight years ago in my girlfriend's San Francisco apartment I asked to use some of her pretty face oil in the cabinet, I applied it to my face and was instantly sold.

My skin drank in this mystery yummy oil like I had never experienced. I was 29 and had been struggling with acne very late in life with no understanding of what was going on with my skin. I am a yogi with a clean diet and could not understand what was happening with my skin, I was tired of trying so many failing products on my sensitive face.

When I tried L'huile de grace I felt my skin instantly come to life, as though watering a plant after a long drought. I quickly got myself my own bottle and as I traveled to and from Costa Rica my new jungle home..I realized I could use this oil in any climate, my skin was thirsty and had been creating oil because it needed moisture.

I witnessed my skin begin to heal before my own eyes. L'huile de grace not only feels amazing on the skin, it smells divine and makes me feel even more like a Goddess… I have created my own L'huile de grace morning and evening ritual, smelling the aroma, gently massaging into my skin and literally slowing down to open up to grace.

San Francisco is where I first started teaching my sacred movement arts back in 2002, I called my classes ‘Embody Grace’, so naturally I feel the essence of the L'huile de grace and love everything that it represents. 

What a beautiful reminder of Grace, Rebecca has created…

My friend gifted me a facial with Rebecca once and what a beautiful nurturing experience I hope to experience again. Rebecca you are a true gift to the world… thank you for following your passion and creating a magical oil a Goddess can only say YES to.

- Sofiah Thom

'Live Your Yes'

Goddess Coach and Sacred Movement Arts Teacher, Trainer and Performer 

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