Perfection Peel FAQs

Why should I include the Perfection Peel treatment in my home-care? 

Many of my clients need a treatment system to use at home to keep their skin brightened, toned and exfoliated. Our busy lives require an additional tool such as this one. 

This treatment compliments the daily use of l’huile de grace and will ensure all you’re using at home penetrates through all layers of your skin. 

An instructional brochure will be provided to guide you through each step.  It’s about a 10-minute process and requires my personal instruction. 

This is a wonderful professional treatment you will be grateful to experience twice a month. 

“Just wanted to say every time I do the personal professional peel, I thank you. So I thought you should know how grateful I am in this very moment! It’s a mini-facial in a bottle :).” - C.L.