About Us

My greatest joy was creating l’huile de grace ~ the oil of grace. That is when the real journey began, creating and formulating a compassionate skin-care product for all to use daily ~ while experiencing the healing benefits from plants.

Today, I describe myself as an Esthetician and Formulator, always reaching for the stars ~~ honoring nature and science to enhance the experience my clients deserve.

Now in my 50s, I understand what Jane Russell meant by her words, “A woman’s best cosmetic is Joy.”

Might you find what brings you Joy and Live it. 

~ In gracious gratitude, Rebecca & Nadine



Please meet Luz “Karina” Zavala ~ our angel at Le Sanctuaire, the one who brings “beauty and grace” to everything Le Sanctuaire ~ Purity, Balance and Compassion.  
Over a decade of service and loyalty allow us to bless You.
Please meet Greg Goodwin, husband, Chief Everything Officer.  He’s the rock, a visionary, always striving behind the scenes to make “everything better, if not great.”