L'huile de grace FAQs

 What is l’huile de grace (pronounced “oil of grace”)?

L’huile de grace is a restorative moisturizer for both men and women of all skin types.

What’s in l’huile de grace? 

L’huile de grace is crafted from 100% natural, cold processed ingredients (organic where possible) that have never been heated or chemically altered in any way from their original form. L’huile de grace contains 21 ingredients extracted from raw, pure cold-pressed herbs, seeds, flowers, and botanicals chosen specifically for their powerful emotive and restorative properties. Ingredients include the very best documented essential oils in the area of skin regeneration and preservation, including certified organic Helichrysum, Neroli, and Frankincense.  The most exclusive essential oil used is Rose Otto, a complex flower containing over 300 compounds.  These roses are picked at a specific time of day when it’s most fragrant.  It’s considered to be an elite ingredient in skincare, thus expensive to source.

Additional key ingredients include extract of Sea Buckthorn Berry, Croton Lechleri tree sap (also known as Sangre de Drago) from the Amazonian rainforest. The specific carrier oils chosen for l’huile de grace are many, including organic Golden Jojoba, Cranberry Seed, Borage and Evening Primrose.  

L'huile de grace also features luminescent compounds we call Bio-Lumière, a complex amino acid mixture, which is clinically proven to increase production of fibronectin, elastin and collagen.  It assists in reducing wrinkling, promoting firm and youthful skin.  It contains plant based fluorescent compounds, which naturally filter out radiant sunlight damaging your skin.  

When combined with l’huile de grace, Bio-Lumière stimulates collagen production and serves as a conduit for rapid healing and cellular repair.  These substrates in Bio-Lumière facilitate increased absorption and carry all ingredients of l’huile de grace deep into the layers of your skin’s dermis.

How do I use l’huile de grace?

Apply l’huile de grace in the morning, evening, anytime during the day whenever your skin needs moisture.  

How to Enjoy ~

Place 1-2 pumps of l’huile de grace into your palms.

Rub hands together to activate all plant aromas.

Inhale deeply, reflect, and connect

Massage over clean face, around eyes, on lips, neck, and hand

Anoint twice daily, perfect under makeup and before sunscreen

For men, feel free to apply l’huile de grace after shaving to soothe inflammation and moisturize.

What are the benefits of using l’huile de grace as my moisturizer?  

Restores moisture

Softens and repairs the effects of aging

Rebuilds collagen fibers

Promotes cellular rejuvenation

Velvety, deeply nourishing

Soulfully intentional

Where is l’huile de grace made?

L’huile de grace is formulated, blended and bottled by hand in San Francisco, California.  Since the first blended pour, the formula has had literally dozens of improvements over the years. It’s blended in small batches, in various increments to ensure quality.  The process is exhilarating and the smell is intoxicating, permeating its goodness throughout the building.  

Is l’huile de grace right for my dry, dehydrated skin?

Yes, and results may appear immediately.

Those with dry skin may benefit immediately from the essential oils and rich, raw nutrition l’huile de grace provides.  Dry skin is by definition deficient in most nutrients, thus l’huile de grace provides essential moisturizing ingredients to support production of collagen and elastin, restoring your skin to its natural, healthy balance.  Most notice the hydrating effects immediately after the first application.

Also, important fatty acids contained in l’huile de grace, fortifies and repairs the skin’s natural protective lipid barrier; thus, preventing skin dehydration and loss of epidermal water. The hydrating results may be cumulatively visual with continued daily use.   

I’m concerned about putting oil on my oily, troubled skin.  Is l’huile de grace right for me?


One question we often hear is “I have oily skin, shouldn’t I stay away from putting more oil on my skin?” Actually, oily skin benefits greatly from l’huile de grace.  Many customers are nervous and alarmed to apply an “oil” directly on their skin.  Their concerns immediately are it will break-out my skin, congest, and clog their skin with impurities.  This is absolutely true with synthetic, petro-based, or even less unsophisticated plant sources that are cheaper in cost and quality. Oily skin still gets dehydrated, thus produces more oil when thirsty. Many find l’huile de grace to balance their oily skin.  Oily skin most often is problematic.  L’huile de grace may help eliminate future breakouts, even heal what may have erupted or is causing the inflammation.  

Can l’huile de grace repair damaged aging skin?

Yes, it’s never too late. As we age, our bodies are shifting hormones and this has an effect on our skin. It can repair, rejuvenate your skin to a supple, youthful glow, even after years of neglect. L’huile de grace is imbued with nature’s own Croton Lechleri tree sap, also known as Sangre de Drago. This extraordinary sap from the Amazonian rainforest contains 90% proanthocyandins (OPC’S), which are the most potent class of anti-oxidant compounds. 

The studies have shown the presence of taspines in Sangre de Drago.  Taspines stimulate the migration of the fibroblast cells responsible for tissue regeneration and production of collagen and elastin.  This deep, rich, blood-red sap activates new growth of healthy skin cells and is best known in the rainforest, as the “wound healer.” It’s been known to quickly heal deep wounds without any trace of a scar.  The natives have known of this miraculous tree for hundreds of years.

Can I use l’huile de grace and still wear makeup?

Yes, but wait for about five minutes for l'huile de grace to absorb.

Does l’huile de grace protect my skin from the sun?

No matter what the skin type, gender or ethnicity of our skin, we are all affected by free radicals caused by environmental toxins, stress, and the sun’s UV rays.  Free radicals age and damage the skin; thus, the best protection is in nature’s best, skin-soluble anti-oxidants provided in l’huile de grace.  It naturally provides you with UVA and UVB protection. However, a sunscreen of at least 30spf is recommended additionally, especially when in direct sunlight for periods of time.  

Apply l’huile de grace prior to sunscreen, waiting approximately five (5) minutes.   

We recommend Colorescience and Visual Changes sunscreen, available in our online store.

Does l’huile de grace contain any artificial ingredients or GMOs?

No, absolutely not ~ and this issue is one of most importance to us. We’re continually educating and aware how consumers are being taken advantage with subtle key marketing words that falsify food and skincare products.  

My new bottle of l’huile de grace seems slightly different than my last one.   Why is this?

L’huile de grace varies in color and scent with every new blended batch. Our plant sourced ingredients, and their soil qualities may change with every new harvest - it’s nature in action indeed. We strive to deliver a consistent product and also enjoy using new harvests of essential oils and plant based ingredients we may discover.  L’huile de grace will continue to grow as we learn about new plants, flowers, seeds and their specific nutritionally beneficial qualities to improve your skin. We’re dedicated to improving your experience and ensuring Oil of “Grace” prevails.

Why is there sediment at the bottom of my bottle?

What your seeing is Sangre de Drago sediment that has settled at the bottom of your bottle. You may shake your bottle and activate the sediment. Some customers use it for their gums or wounds after they finish their bottle.  Because it is hand-blended, each batch, each bottle will vary in the amount of sediment displayed at the bottom.   

If I’m pregnant, have sensitive skin or a skin condition, can I use l’huile de grace?

While l’huile de grace is an all-natural, raw, organic (where possible) product. We’ve had many customers who use it during their pregnancy.  Please consult your doctor prior to using it if you’re pregnant.  We realize this is a precious time for you and your family. The formula is wonderfully complex, and careful consideration has been taken into how much of each ingredient will be blended with each fresh batch.  Thus, keeping l’huile de grace a skincare product safe for all who choose it as their restorative moisturizer of choice.     

Many customers have been delighted with stubborn skin conditions that have improved or have eventually disappeared.  It’s wonderfully exciting to hear these testimonies.  Plants are powerful and are our friends who provide us with their healing cures. 

"Hi there!  I love your potion so much, u have no idea!  Is there any way you can send it out before next week?" - M.S.