Organic Neroli Oil ~ “Orange Flower Blossoms”

I do hope you’re enjoying the series about “key ingredients” in l’huile de grace. The most precious citrus oil is Neroli, extracted from the blossom of the Citrus aurantium (also widely known as orange flower). It takes at least 1,000 pounds of orange flower blossoms to produce a mere one pound of Neroli Oil ~ making it one of the most expensive oils among other citrus trees.

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These freshly picked fragrant flower blossoms of the bitter orange tree can be characterized as small, white, waxy flower. Neroli oil is produced using a steam distillation process and is extensively used in all forms of aromatherapy.

In ancient times, Neroli oil was used essentially to help combat the plague, relieve fever and fight nervousness. Ancient Egyptian priests used this oil to heal their body, mind and soul.

Today, also known as the “bitter orange tree,” it is largely cultivated in the Western parts of India. It is believed to have originated in South-East Asia, from where it later spread to North-Eastern India, China and Burma, and eventually spreading to Africa, Arabia and Syria through Arab traders. From these regions, it was taken to the Mediterranean by moors, and by the end of 12th century, it made its way to Seville and Spain receiving its common name “bitter oranges.”

Neroli essential oil has amazing properties to help regenerate skin cells, treats scar tissue, lightens stretch marks, heals repair capillaries, assists with pre-mature wrinkling, and promotes a smoother complexion. Most skin types and conditions respond well to Neroli when used as a part of a regular skin care routine.

It also has widespread therapeutic uses such as antidepressant, antiseptic, cordial, digestive, sedative, deodorizer, disinfectant and aphrodisiac.

It also happens to be the most precious and luxurious citrus essential oil in L’huile de grace!


Orange Blossom is a fragrant distillation of fresh bitter-orange flower. This orange, also known as sour orange, is too sour to eat, but wonderfully aromatic. Image from

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