Le Sanctuaire Welcomes You!

Le Sanctuaire is proud to welcome you to our new website!

While we have a gracious new esthetic, our mission remains to provide a balanced restorative skin-care system that nourishes your radiance, inside and out.

We’ve been hard at work bottling fresh batches of l’huile de grace  - now up to 21 raw, pure and revitalizing ingredients - and are even more excited to announce our new Le Sanctuaire products – Masque de Grace and Perfection Peel.

Masque de grace contains ingredients concentrated from our l’huile de grace restorative moisturizer combined with a base of dead sea mineral black mud and a high note of organic lavender. Your face will feel exfoliated, treated, taut, and refreshed. 

Perfection Peel is a powerful and balanced exfoliation system specifically tailored for use with our other products. Perfection Peel is naturally formulated from herbs, antioxidants to reduce wrinkles, remove dead keratin, and facilitate the absorption and nutritional benefits of l’huile de grace.


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