SPECIAL: @BowTiedMaltipoo presents l'huile de grace Restorative Moisturizer 1.25 oz.

BowTied Jungle Special

Welcome BowTied Jungle Frens!

Since 2005, I've created premium skin care products with Mrs.Maltipoo.
Our business is Le Sanctuaire and this item is our flagship offering.

Need an amazing, one-of-a-kind gift she'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE?

Our restorative moisturizer is PERFECT for the special one in your life.

It's all-natural, hand made, small batch, and truly unique.



Le Sanctuaire's signature l'huile de grace ("the oil of grace") is your daily restorative moisturizer for the ultimate in skin nourishment.

Distilled from 21 ingredients extracted from 100% raw, pure cold-pressed herbs, seeds, flowers and ingredients, this luxurious facial oil is for nourishing and revitalizing your skin every day. Every hand-poured bottle contains the care and dedication of eco-conscious harvesters, farmers, and formulators at Le Sanctuaire who have brought this proprietary creation to you since 2002. Because of its deep-soul connecting properties, you will naturally reflect on balance and compassion in your own life while knowing you are nourishing your face with a masterpiece that is in integrity with the Earth.

We are in gracious gratitude to share our creation with you.

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