Le Sanctuaire offers You a restorative skincare system based on the principles of

Purity, Balance and Compassion.

A Warm Welcome 

Le Sanctuaire was founded in San Francisco, California in 1994, with a mission to provide balanced and compassionate skin care for all. 

“Le Sanctuaire” is a French word for “The Sanctuary,” an intentional retreat for deep, soulful connection and reflection. 

Your skin, at its most nourished, reflects your highest self. Our balanced restorative skin care system combines both plant and science-based ingredients to ultimately create the skin you desire. 

Le Sanctuaire was created for celebrating You.

With gracious gratitude, Rebecca



Organic Rose Otto, “Rose Oil”

The most generous and expensive essential oil in L’huile de grace. In honor of Roses during Valentine’s Day week, I would like to share with y...

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Le Sanctuaire Welcomes You!

Le Sanctuaire is proud to welcome you to our new website! While we have a gracious new esthetic, our mission remains to provide a balanced resto...

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